Chapter IV
General Functions
of the Secretariat

Regulation 20
List of Contracting States

The Secretary-General shall maintain a list, which he shall transmit from time to time to all Contracting States and on request to any State or person, of the Contracting States (including former Contracting States, showing the date on which their notice of denunciation was received by the depositary), indicating for each:

(a) the date on which the Convention entered into force with respect to it;

(b) any territories excluded pursuant to Article 70 of the Convention and the dates on which the notice of exclusion and any modification of such notice were received by the depositary;

(c) any designation, pursuant to Article 25(1) of the Convention, of constituent subdivisions or agencies to whose investment disputes the jurisdiction of the Centre extends;

(d) any notification, pursuant to Article 25(3) of the Convention, that no approval by the State is required for the consent by a constituent subdivision or agency to the jurisdiction of the Centre;

(e) any notification, pursuant to Article 25(4) of the Convention, of the class or classes of disputes which the State would or would not consider submitting to the jurisdiction of the Centre;

(f) the competent court or other authority for the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards, designated pursuant to Article 54(2) of the Convention;

(g) any legislative or other measures taken, pursuant to Article 69 of the Convention, for making its provisions effective in the territories of the State and communicated by the State to the Centre.

Regulation 21
Establishment of Panels

(1) Whenever a Contracting State has the right to make one or more designations to the Panel of Conciliators or of Arbitrators, the Secretary-General shall invite the State to make such designations.

(2) Each designation made by a Contracting State or by the Chairman shall indicate the name, address and nationality of the designee, and include a statement of his qualifications, with particular reference to his competence in the fields of law, commerce, industry and finance.

(3) As soon as the Secretary-General is notified of a designation, he shall inform the designee thereof, indicating to him the designating authority and the terminal date of the period of designation, and requesting confirmation that the designee is willing to serve.

(4) The Secretary-General shall maintain lists, which he shall transmit from time to time to all Contracting States and on request to any State or person, of the members of the Panels of Conciliators and of Arbitrators, indicating for each member:

(a) his address;

(b) his nationality;

(c) the terminal date of the current designation;

(d) the designating authority;

(e) his qualifications.

Regulation 22

(1) The Secretary-General shall appropriately publish information about the operation of the Centre, including the registration of all requests for conciliation or arbitration and in due course an indication of the date and method of the termination of each proceeding.

(2) If both parties to a proceeding consent to the publication of:

(a) reports of Conciliation Commissions;

(b) arbitral awards; or

(c) the minutes and other records of proceedings,

the Secretary-General shall arrange for the publication thereof, in an appropriate form with a view to furthering the development of international law in relation to investments.

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