Chapter III
Termination of the Proceedings

Article 14
Closure of the Proceeding

(1) After the parties have presented all the explanations and evidence, and the witnesses (if any) have all been heard, the President of the Committee shall declare the fact-finding proceeding closed, and the Committee shall adjourn to deliberate and draw up its report (hereinafter called the "Report").

(2) If one party fails to appear or participate in the proceeding or cooperate with the Committee at any stage, and the Committee determines that as a result thereof it is unable to carry out its task, it shall, after notice to the parties, close the proceeding and draw up its Report, noting the reference to fact-finding under the Additional Facility and recording the failure of that party to appear, participate or cooperate.

Article 15
The Report

(1) The Report of the Committee shall be adopted by a majority of all the commissioners.

(2) The Report shall be signed by all the commissioners. The refusal by a commissioner to sign the Report shall not invalidate the Report. The fact of such refusal shall be recorded.

(3) If a commissioner dissents from the Report that fact will be noted in the Report. The commissioner may in addition attach a statement to the Report explaining the reasons for his dissent.

(4) The Report shall be limited to findings of fact. The Report shall not contain any recommendations to the parties nor shall it have the character of an award.

Article 16
Effect to Be Given to the Report

The parties shall be entirely free as to the effect to be given to the Report.

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