Table of Contents Part C

Chapter Article  
I   Introduction
  1 Scope of Application
II   Institution of Proceedings
  2 The Request
  3 Contents of the Request
  4 Registration of the Request
  5 Notice of Registration
III   The Commission
  6 General Provisions
  7 Qualifications of Conciliators
  8 Method of Constituting the Commission in the Absence
of Previous Agreement between the Parties
  9 Appointment of Conciliators to Commission Constituted
in Accordance with Article 6(3) of These Rules
  10 Appointment of Conciliators and Designation of
President of the Commission by the Chairman
  11 Acceptance of Appointments
  12 Replacement of Conciliators prior to Constitution of the Commission
  13 Constitution of the Commission
  14 Replacement of Conciliators after Constitution of the Commission
  15 Disqualification of Conciliators
  16 Procedure during a Vacancy on the Commission
  17 Filling Vacancies on the Commission
  18 Resumption of Proceeding after Filling a Vacancy
IV   Place of Proceedings
  19 Determination of Place of Conciliation Proceeding
V   Working of the Commission
  20 Sessions of the Commission
  21 Sittings of the Commission
  22 Deliberations of the Commission
  23 Decisions of the Commission
  24 Incapacity of the President
  25 Representation of the Parties
VI   General Procedural Provisions
  26 Procedural Orders
  27 Preliminary Procedural Consultation
  28 Procedural Languages
  29 Supporting Documentation
VII   Conciliation Procedures
  30 Functions of the Commission
  31 Cooperation of the Parties
  32 Transmission of the Request
  33 Written Statements
  34 Hearings
  35 Witnesses and Experts
VIII   Termination of the Proceedings
  36 Objections to Competence
  37 Closure of the Proceeding
  38 The Report
  39 Communication of the Report
IX   Costs
  40 Cost of Proceeding
X   General Provisions
  41 Final Provision

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