Table of Contents Part C

Chapter Regulation  
I   Procedures of the Administrative Council
  1 Date and Place of the Annual Meeting
  2 Notice of Meetings
  3 Agenda for Meetings
  4 Presiding Officer
  5 Secretary of the Council
  6 Attendance at Meetings
  7 Voting
II   The Secretariat
  8 Election of the Secretary-General and His Deputies
  9 Acting Secretary-General
  10 Appointment of Staff Members
  11 Conditions of Employment
  12 Authority of the Secretary-General
  13 Incompatibility of Functions
III   Financial Provisions
  14 Direct Costs of Individual Proceedings
  15 Special Services to Parties
  16 Fee for Lodging Requests
  17 The Budget
  18 Assessment of Contributions
  19 Audits
IV   General Functions of the Secretariat
  20 List of Contracting States
  21 Establishment of Panels
  22 Publication
V   Functions with Respect to Individual Proceedings
  23 The Registers
  24 Means of Communication
  25 Secretary
  26 Place of Proceedings
  27 Other Assistance
  28 Depositary Functions
VI   Special Provisions Relating to Proceedings
  29 Time Limits
  30 Supporting Documentation
VII   Immunities and Privileges
  31 Certificate of Official Travel
  32 Waiver of Immunities
VIII   Miscellaneous
  33 Communications with Contracting States
  34 Official Languages

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