Table of Contents Part B

Chapter Article  
I   Institution of Proceedings
  1 The Request
  2 Contents of the Request
  3 Registration of the Request
  4 Objections to the Request
  5 Settlement of Objections to the Request; Appointment of Special Commissioner
  6 Absence of Procedural Arrangement
II   The Committee and Its Working
  7 Number of Commissioners
  8 Constitution of the Committee
  9 Sessions of the Committee
  10 Conduct of Investigations and Examinations
  11 Decisions of the Committee
  12 Notices to Be Served by the Committee
  13 Determinations of Questions of Procedure
III   Termination of the Proceedings
  14 Closure of the Proceeding
  15 The Report
  16 Effect to Be Given to the Report
IV   Miscellaneous
  17 Cooperation with the Committee
  18 Cost of the Proceeding
  19 Final Provision

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